An Ideas and Innovation Management System from the team at Collabforge

An IMS helps you work with large groups to brainstorm, select and develop the best ideas. Here’s how Collabco IMS is different:.

  • We understand your context - Collabco is an Australian, public sector focused Innovation Management System
  • Embedded learnings from Australian Public Service innovation leaders - The IMS comes ready to use with an in-built innovation process developed and tested by top government departments
  • Fits to your unique innovation process, not the other way around - Every aspect of the software can be adapted to match your existing business processes, so it’s intuitive for your users.
  • Keep control of your data - Use our secure Australian-based hosting or self-host. There are no user subscription fees. The software and your data are yours to control, always.

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Testimonials & Case Studies

We’ve got a tool with a really good uptake, people are really engaged with it – we’ve had over 50 ideas in the first week alone.

It was an easy to use site, which was tailored to our needs and which allowed staff to lodge an idea, see everyone else’s ideas, build on those ideas through comments and also vote on the ideas.

Learn more about how we co-designed Collabco IMS with our public sector partners


No licensing or per-user fees. Your budget won't run out just because you succeeded.

Sector Focused

Our platform is built with features and business processes that make sense for the public sector

Data ownership

All sites are hosted in Australia, or on the server of your choice. You control the data.


Our IMS has every standard feature you would expect (ideas, challenges, reports, discussions, etc) and much, much more.

Custom workflow

We'll work with you to deliver an online experience that complements your unique innovation process, not the other way around.


Our open source platform is co-designed by you and hundreds of other public-purpose organisations. Harness their contributions in one place.

About the team

Collabco IMS is developed and run by Collabforge, an innovation and collaboration specialist based in Melbourne. Visit our website to learn more about our team and our work.

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