Promoting agility and community: Our innovative pricing model

Launching Collabco Innovation, our Innovation Management Platform (IMS), has been the highlight of our year. We are also particularly proud to have found a pricing model which aligns with our ethics and builds value for our clients over time. We think it’s innovative and creative and we’d like to share it with you.

Typical SAAS subscriptions charge you based on number of users or a shopping list of features. How much they charge is generally based on, 1. how much the company wants to reinvest into their software (or marketing); and 2. their position in the market (are they the leader setting the price, or do they need to compete?).

We choose to create a more transparent and collaborative structure. Our standard model has no limit to users* or features, and also includes:

  • development credits – allotted developer time each month to update or build features specific to your platform; and
  • community membership – access to a community of peers who also have IMS platforms. Plus the knowledge base – a collection of techniques, methods and approaches to innovation and facilitation.

Our charges reflect our commitment to reinvesting directly into your platform, and our general software roadmap is also open to collaboration.

The standard package is priced competitively, providing great value for those with 50+ users and a year-round innovation business process. Alternatively, we offer packages tailored to those who want some extra support, or keep things very simple. You can even go diy.

Making sure you know you are getting value for money is our priority. We want every interaction you have with us help you become more successful in your innovation program.

Why pay for a set of features, when you can customise your own…?

Particularly when it comes to software that deals with some of the “softer” or more creative business processes like innovation, most platforms temporarily flourish, but lose lustre and interest over time. Two common issues we’ve found are:

Organisations evolve, but software doesn’t always:That flashy new software that got attention last year looks a little everyday by the end of year two. All the annoying little things that were easy to ignore early on start to make it feel like extra work now.

Most software assumes a single way of doing things: Because they have to serve a wide range of customers and purposes, most out-of-the-box solutions make a lot of assumptions. You’ll have to force yourself into the shoe and it doesn’t ever quite feel comfortable.

If these scenarios sound familiar, you’ve probably also been frustrated with wasting time and money on a tool that wasn’t made to fit. Knowing custom solutions aren’t affordable for everyone, we focused on a way to close the gap. We assume that change and improvement will be a natural part of an annual innovation process. So we provide development credits as part of the monthly cost. You don’t get a subscription to a product which changes at the whims of the software company, but your own customised installation, to which you can add and change features at any time.

Why pay per user, when you can join a community…?

Our clients are often leaders and trailblazers who step into new territory. This means that they bring great new ideas and technologies to their organisations. But it also means that they encounter more hurdles and hard lessons than most. We have learnt in our work, that many people are experiencing the same sorts of problems in isolation. They are often unaware that they are not alone in either their new innovative practices, or in their struggles.

To overcome this, we’re building the Community Hub. We’ll bring together the best we can find of innovation and facilitation techniques, tips and advice. And more importantly, the opportunity to connect with peers directly, building a community of innovators who are ready to help each other solve tough problems. Our key partners, Department of Employment and DFAT’s innovationXchange, are excited to see others succeed and are willing to lead, offering their learning and advice.

The Community Hub is the unique part of our software that your membership will earn you access to.

A vision for an innovative public service

Success and failure that happens in a vacuum is definitely not innovative. In addition to sharing process experience, we want to enable members to broadcast exciting innovations that others might benefit from via the Community Hub. We’re also building in the ability to run cross-platform ideas challenges so you can harness the brainpower of those outside of your organisation. Not only that, but the updates others make to the platform, and our general development plan will be completely transparent.

We believe that creativity and innovation is critical for a thriving public service. So much so that our entire platform is open source. Membership is also open to anyone who is contributing an equitable level of new development or knowledge to the system. However, we have ensured our pricing is competitive and is not a barrier to supported installation, with all its additional benefits.  We look forward to seeing a connected and innovative public service, for everyone.

Contact us anytime for a demo or more information –

*Number of registered users are not limited. Where expectation of concurrent platform users are likely to be in the hundreds/thousands, additional server costs may be incurred (generally only likely with 15,000+ registered users).

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